Brazilian Hair Extensions

Acme-Hair-Product-brazilian-deep-wave-hair-weft-brazilian-hair-extensions-unprocessed-12-28-inchHigh Quality

There are many different types of hair extensions, but Brazilian hair extensions are the best. They are made of real human hair consisting of cuticle hair collected on a ponytail. Our extensions are made with virgin hair, or hair that has never been colored or otherwise treated. Therefore, they are very soft and healthy to the touch.

Ease of Styling

Because the direction of hair growth is maintained, the Brazilian hair extensions do not tangle. They come in natural colors such as light brown, medium brown and black but can be dyed or bleached just like you would your own hair. To care for them, it’s important to wash them with a quality shampoo and conditioner.

Variety of Styles

The hair extensions are very strong and come in naturally straight, wavy or curly styles. A curling iron can be used on wavy hair to make it even curlier. Those of African ancestry will find this hair to be very natural looking and easy to manage. Again, our Brazilian hair extensions are made with only the best quality virgin hair, and we guarantee your full satisfaction.

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Fly London Boots: Progressive Boots Without Limitations

fly bootsFly London Boots, otherwise known as “Fly Boots“, are produced by Fly London Shoes, which from its name is obviously a shoe company based in London, England. The company prides itself in setting no limitations for its designers as long as styles remain “progressive never conventional”. This approach is evident in the ankle, knee-high, and mid-calf Fly London Boots whose combinations of materials, colours and designs are difficult to find equivalents boots for in boot markets all over the world.

The company boasts that Fly London Boots are made of materials more varied than other shoemakers and designers have ever used before. These materials include waxed canvas, soft canvas, printed towelling, chunky leathers and dip-dyed materials in a wide range of palettes.

The industry seems to love what Fly has been producing, including their Fly London Boots, as the company was recently named the 2013 Fashion Footwear English Brand of the Year, a title given to a footwear company in the United Kingdom that displays progressive thinking and unique innovation as proven by outstanding sales numbers and sound business decisions.

At the moment, Fly London Boots are sold mostly in the United Kingdom, the two Fly London flagship stores being located near Oxford Street at St. Christopher’s Place, and at Covenant Garden boots